close up of the wee lil sun
mediocre confessions pt 13
mediocre confessions pt 12
fried hard brah
the fuck that don't give a fuck
 the dream
mediocre confessions pt 11
mediocre confessions pt 10
dick breath
where everybody knows the game
suck it up or suck it down
one tits please
Killroy was...no, he's still here
everybody's a goddamn hypocrite
mediocre confessions pt 9
lurkin n jerkin
 'Lurkin n jerkin' detail of the ladies
mediocre confessions pt 8 diptych
everybody's doin' it
mediocre confessions pt 6
mediocre confessions pt 7
mediocre confessions pt 5
mediocre confessions pt 4
you do you
mediocre confessions pt 3
mediocre confessions pt 2
Mediocre Confessions
the daughter of woman
Rub Her Bare Ones
four more years?!?
careful what you do, mr man is always watchin
the times
the most importantest conversation ever
does the flap of  an ant's ass in brazil set off a tornado in texas?
Bigger Bang
San Fran-pyscho indeed
 detail of "San Fran-psycho indeed" because boobies!
the peak
Lasting Impressions
Beerman Strollin'
pidgeon feeding
Tight Joint Brah!
Dirtier Worms
 Dirtier worms detail
Smurfin Cellulite
Heady Beer
A Day in the Life
Burn Mutherfuckers
Tampon Tampoff
On a Mission
On a Mission
Beerman Evading Death
This is Not Blue Shyte
This is Not Blue Shyte
 Big Boy Strikes Again, mixed media, 10" x 9", 2014
 Quit Bitchin', ink on canvas, 18" x 18" x 2", 2014
 Moondancing, gouache and acrylic, 15" x 11", 2014
 Peeholes - 11” x 15” 2014, mixed media
 Bah Hum, 12” x 18”, watercolor and ink, 2014
 Fingin’, 18” x 12”, watercolor and ink, 2014
 MMM, 21” x 18”, mixed media, 2014
 D.A.D. - 11” x 15” 2014, gouache and ink on paper
i couldn't possibly
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